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Short’s Nightwheeler

Clean dark malt aroma like a stout.  Slightly sweet, crisp flavor of dark malt and carbonation.  No real hop presence to speak of, perhaps some hiding in the background behind the malt aftertaste that slowly fades away.  Seems to slightly mellow the dark malt bite.  Very full flavor for a session ale.

4 out of 5 Stars.

Short's Nightwheeler

Short’s Bludgeonyereye

Sweet, slightly hoppy aroma. Almost smells like a sweaty armpit- but somehow not in an offensive way.  Mouthful of hop sharpness and dark malt blackness.  Not sure of the hop used, but this malt flavor would be delicious with a more citrusy type of hop.  Leaves you with a slight malt aftertaste.  Beer is much tastier after it warms a bit to around 40, rather than the 35 right out of the fridge.  The hops and malt seem to balance much better slightly warmer.

4 out of 5 Stars.