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Tapistry Reactor

Sweet, citrusy hop aroma. Fairly dry on the palate (yeast effect?) with a minor citrus sweetness. This gets replaced by a slightly caramel malt sweetness. Leaves the palate with a pleasant slight sweetness of malt and yeast work citrus hops hiding in background. Very pleasant.

Be sure to swirl the can to get any hop residue mixed up and into your glass.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

New Holland Mad Hatter

Almost no aroma, but with some searching, found a subtle hop fruitiness. Taste has a clean edge to it, clearing the palate, then leaning some mild hop taste with a bit of clean malt in the background.

Taste fills in better after the beer warms a little bit. There is also a slight soapy taste to it, but I just had another beer (NEIPA) just before it in this same glass with no hint of that.

Canned 10/05/2023, drank 1/9/2024.

4 out of 5 stars.

Dragoon Brewing Dragoon IPA

Nice sweet, sticky hop aroma. Flavor is crisp with hops, then cuts sweet and slick like there is some rye lingering in there. Nice afterwards of some caramel malt sweetness, yeast, and moderate hop bitterness. Easy drinking and very flavorful.

Tucson, AZ brewery. Canned 9/11/2023, drank on 10/14/2023. Can also had a best by date, that was 2 months after canning. They definitely want it drank fresh.

5 out of 5 stars.