Beer Reviews

Beer reviews can be misleading or helpful.  As long as you recognize that everyone has unique tastes, and yours might not be the same as mine, maybe my notes below of beers I’ve tried might be helpful to you.

You should keep in mind that beers I tried before July 2014 weren’t necessarily checked for freshness.  While doing research for my story in MI Beer Guide on beer freshness (link here) I got a better appreciation of fresh beer and an understanding of how to check for date codes and the importance of storage temperature.  So new beers purchased from the local beer store may have gotten a poor rating simply because they were old or not stored cold.

Since everyone’s interpretation of a rating can mean something different, here’s how my number ratings translate into words.  Most of these beers I like, but I wanted to be able to differentiate them somehow.

5-Star (Absolutely Amazing)
4.5-Star (Excellent)
4-Star (Very Good)
3.5-Star (Pretty Good)
3-Star (OK)
2.5-Star (Not Very Good)
2-Star (Not Good)
1-Star (Gross)

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5 Star Ratings
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