Homebrew One Seventh COVID Killer Double IPA

This was my first attempt at a high gravity IPA, and I was trying to create a recipe that would use a healthy dose of my bulk grains and hops that I may have overbought…  It was planned to be a 10% ABV, and hence the clever name based on CDC guidance that to kill the COVID virus you needed a disinfectant with at least 70% alcohol.

Anyway, gravity turned out lower than planned, and a last minute yeast issue had me using different yeast than originally planned.  So I ended up splitting the batch in two, and using two different yeasts.

Both versions have the common thread of a big punch of hop bitterness, a mild malt presence, and notable alcohol bite/aroma.  The batch fermented with East Coast Ale yeast has sweeter, fuller taste, and the batch fermented with the Vermont IPA yeast is a bit smoother.

Brewed: 5/25/2020.  Distributed: 6/19/2020.

ABV: 7.9% (Vermont IPA), 8.9% (East Coast Ale)  IBU: 154

Malts: Maris Otter, Viking Xtra Pale, Flaked Wheat, White Wheat, Red X

Hops: Magnum, Citra, Columbus, Falconer’s Flight, Amarillo, Cascade

Yeast: Gigayeast GY054 Vermont IPA, White Labs WLP008 East Coast Ale

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