Homebrew Ode to Bob

I sometimes think I like Blue Moon, or have favorable memories of it from the past.  But a clone recipe I’ve brewed in the past, didn’t live up to expectations.  So I decided to just brew a beer that matched my memories of what Blue Moon tasted like to me all those years ago.  It turned out refreshing, but not the beer I imagined, so I’ll be iterating on this again in the future.  The name comes from my neighbor, Bob, who loves Blue Moon.

Crisp sweet aroma of hops/malt/yeast (not sure which). Taste is equally crisp, and palate-clearing. Finishing taste is smooth, with some fruity hop flavor in the background. Leaves minimal aftertaste other some hints of mild hop flavor hanging out in the background. Clean, crisp, and refreshing.

Brewed: 7/23/2021.  Distributed: 8/19/2021.

ABV: 4.9%,  IBU: 28

Malts: Brewer’s 2-Row, Flaked Oats, White Wheat, Red Wheat.

Hops: Hallertauer, Citra, Centennial, Amarillo.

Yeast: White Labs WLP001 California Ale.

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