Homebrew Mosaic of Darkness

This recipe pre-dated my Black IPA recipe, and was something I initially thought would be a Black IPA.  But in the end, it just turned out to be a smooth black ale.  I might change it up some next time, but it’s decent as it is anyway.

Slight sweet aroma of hops and mild black malt in the background. Crispness of taste that clears the palate, then dark malt slides in after that. Flavorful, but leaves the palate clear with a slight lingering dark malt sweetness.

Brewed: 5/10/2021.  Distributed: 6/8/2021.

ABV: 6.4%,  IBU: 68

Malts: Golden Promise, Carafa III, Munich, Carafa I.

Hops: Mosaic.

Yeast: Imperial Yeast A07 Flagship.

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