Homebrew Get Off my Lawn IPA

Not much malt flavor, and a neutral yeast flavor.  This one is all about the hops.

Brewed: 3/14/2020.  Distributed: 4/10/2020.

ABV: 6.6%,  IBU: 58

Malts: 2-Row Brewer’s Malt, Munich

Hops: Hallertau, Falconer’s Flight

Yeast: WLP001 California Ale


2 thoughts on “Homebrew Get Off my Lawn IPA”

  1. I liked the first tastes of the beer. It gave me a hint of grapefruit. Not that hoppy so if you don’t like IPAs I think you could handle this one. I’d like something with a little bit more taste to it thru out the beer drinking.

  2. I really like this a lot. Very tasty with a pronounced hops finish. And I love the name. This is not a “lawnmower” beer. It’s a full flavored and very tasty IPA. Love it!

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