Draught Horse Brewing Visit Mar-2016

Draught Horse Brewery OutsideDraught Horse Brewing has a nice set-up.  In a spot on its own surrounded by some woods it has a kind of peaceful feeling even though it’s just West of a busy business center area at a major I-96 exit.  We went at night to try some beers on a Thursday night and found it to be quite busy.  They had what looked like a very interesting food menu, but they also had a great list of beers on tap.  There were many that I wanted to try so it was tough to figure out a starting place.  A wide range of styles to appeal to all beer drinkers for sure.  The beers were all very well made with great flavors.  I had some awesome IPAs and Pale Ales with some awesome fruity hops.

Draught Horse Beer

Draught Horse Brewery Inside

One thing that stood out was this place was very family friendly.  As a parent with 2 young boys, it’s nice finding a place that welcomes kids and doesn’t make you feel like a social pariah for wanting to have a meal at a brewery with your family.  Heck, they even have a special day of the week when kids meals are discounted.  I didn’t have the boys with me the night we visited, but there were a lot of young ones sprinkled throughout.  One thing that sealed it in my mind that this was a place that definitely had kids in mind was the boys bathroom.  Toilet & urinal as usual, but the urinal was nice and low for easy access.  It may seem trivial, but as a father of young boys, a urinal that can be reached is always a sign of family-friendliness I’ve found.

Draught Horse Brewery Low Urinal