Ascension Brewing Visit Mar-2016

Ascension Brewing Dining Area 1





I’d been to Ascension before for beers and was quite impressed, so we went back on a Thursday night for dinner and beer.  Although you’d never notice the brewery if you were driving down Grand River, as it’s tucked into the corner of a unique strip mall, if you follow your GPS you’ll be fine.  Walking into the place it feels bright, cheerful and relaxed.  For some reason it feels like walking into some kind of vacation resort place in Florida to me.

Ascension Brewing Dining Area 2

The place is set up with mostly a bunch of long tables with benches for community seating (they have signs up encouraging you to sit next to someone you don’t know and strike up conversation), but they also have two bars and a few high top tables.  The food menu is really good with very unique appetizers, great sandwiches, smoked meat dish of the day, and salads that even sound interesting to someone not ordering salads.

My appetizer was an amazing creation Ascension Brewing Stuffed Jalapenosthat I never would’ve thought of.  It was a long slice of jalapeno
that was topped/filled with a fluffy mix of peanut butter and cheddar cheese and dressed with a pomegranate sauce.  Not only did it look super fancy, it was delicious.  I went for the smoked meat of the day, which was a kielbassa which tasted great but didn’t look that appealing on the plate.  The side of mac ‘n cheese it came with was amazing.

Both beers I had were good.  I had a Wheat IPA that was clean tasting, but not super-exciting, and their house IPA was quite tasty.  It’s definitely a good place for food and beers.