Dial Thermometers Have an Adjustment Screw for a Reason

There’s a lot of gear I get that I assume is already calibrated accurately out of the box, just because it’s easier for me to assume that.  That means I can just get down to using it, and don’t have to waste time on boring stuff.

I recently got a couple of dial gauge thermometers from Spike to use in my Spike brew kettles.  Of course they recommended checking the temperature reading at a temperature near where you plan to use it most, and even provide a convenient set screw on the back.  But I just dove in and started using it.

On my first brew I just took it at face value to be accurate.  The second time I used it, I decided to check it with my highly accurate digital lollipop thermometer that comes with calibration certification paperwork that it’s good to 0.1 degrees F.  I found that although the dial read 143F, my lollipop thermometer read 156F.  That’s huge at mash temperature.

The set screw is super easy to use.  Just turn it (pliers or screwdriver) and you can see the dial face rotate around.  I have other probe thermometers that don’t have a separate calibration screw, but you just turn the nut at the back face and you see the same change.

Next time I won’t be so lazy.