Chilling Your Beer in the Winter- Using a Pre-Chiller

As I posted over the summer (Making a Pre-Chiller), I was struggling to quickly cool my beer since the warmer weather meant warmer tap water flowing through my wort chiller.  So I made a pre-chiller.  But as it turns out, this handy pre-chiller also helps you cool your beer faster in the wintertime, too.  Brewing in 32 degree weather, it felt silly to fill the pre-chiller cooler with ice water.  But by removing the pre-chiller from the cooler and leaving it in the air, it became a way to chill the house water down by simply letting it sit in the air and the copper tubing to try to pull the house water down closer to 32 degrees.  So the pre-chiller helps speed the cool-down period both when brewing in the heat of the summer, and in the cold of the winter.How to make a pre chiller 2 How to make a pre chiller