Oconomowoc Crafty Cow Visit May-2016

Crafty Cow StorefrontI came to Oconomowoc, WI to visit U-Brew-U as research for one my stories I’m working on.  The internet told me there was a good beer bar in town so I checked it out after getting settled into my hotel.  The downtown area of Oconomowoc was quite pleasant and scenic, I could easily imagine convincing the wife this was a great place to stroll around.

Oconomowoc Downtown

Inside, the Crafty Cow was fairly large, with a long bar and lots of table seating stretching way back.  They had about 20 different things on tap, all of them Midwest craft beers.  Beer SamplerSeveral of them were Bell’s, so I of course skipped over those to find something interesting that I can’t get back in Michigan.  I quickly found 4 that I was curious about so that rounded out my sampler.  The beers were all good, some more than others.

Cheese Curds of the DayThe Crafty Cow specializes in deep-fried cheese curds.  I thought this sounded cool, so ordered the “cheese curd of the day” which had a Sriracha-sauce breading, and Sriracha-sauce creamy dip.  Holy cow, this was amazing.  I’ve had cheese curds before, and liking cheese, I enjoy their different “rubbery” texture.  But bread them and deep fry them and lookout.  You still got a sense of the curd texture, but it was softened by the heat and they were delicious.  I must’ve eaten about 3/4 pound block of cheese wrapped up in this delectable delivery system.

I had a burger too (so I didn’t just have a Burgerdinner of cheese curd), and it was likewise awesome.  Altogether, this place was great.  Great location in a nice downtown area, good-sized place with friendly staff and great beer selection, and yes, the food.