Homebrew Warner Fruit Cellar Dusseldorf Alt- Tweak

I’ve made this recipe many times.  The first time I brewed this it was perfect, reminded me of exactly the Alt beer’s in Dusseldorf, Germany.  This time turned out decent, but I didn’t get the exact yeast.  Not sure if that made the difference or not.

Sweet aroma, almost like corn? Crisp malt bite that’s very flavorful and break-like. Slight hop crispness that helps give it a bite then disappears before giving a notable hop flavor. Crisp and bready- like a cracker or something, I guess.

Brewed: 10/7/2021.  Distributed: 11/20/2021.

ABV: 5.1%,  IBU: 44

Malts: Munich.

Hops: Spalter Select.

Yeast: Imperial G02 Kaiser.

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