Homebrew Lone Fish IPA

This was originally envisioned to be a beer that I brewed over the summer (Isolation IPA) that was decent, but I wasn’t happy with the hops.  This Lone Fish IPA was going to be focused on Centennial hops, but when I had a chance to brew it, I had accidentally used most of the Centennial hops for something else.  So I improvised.

The beer turned out much higher ABV than planned.  I’m not a fan of Double IPAs in general, but thought this turned out OK.  But overall, I think the alcohol taste is too present.

Brewed: 12/21/2022.  Distributed: 2/3/2023.

ABV: 8.4%,  IBU: 78

Malts: Maris Otter, Brewer’s 2-row, Munich, Caramel 20L.

Hops: Cluster, Citra, CTZ, Amarillo, Centennial.

Yeast: Imperial A07 Flagship.

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