Homebrew AJIPA (Another Juicy IPA)

Super light golden color, with a hazy glow.  A lot of hops in here make this hop-flavorful.  A lot of fruity hops, but very little bitterness.  The calculated IBUs sound very bitter, but most of the hops are added post-boil in, while whirlpooling.  The yeast makes it very smooth with a mild sweetness.

I wasn’t sure how this one would turn out, so I made this as a “half batch”, 2.5 gallons.


Brewed: 4/25/2020.  Distributed: 5/12/2020.

ABV: 5.0%,  IBU: 130

Malts: Xtra Pale Ale, Flaked Wheat

Hops: Hallertauer, Columbus, Citra, Magnum

Yeast: GY054 Gigayeast Vermont IPA


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