Homebrew AHA Big Brew Day Quarantine IPA

The America Homebrewer’s Association (AHA) promotes a “Big Brew Day” in the spring.  The idea being people around the world are brewing on the same day in a big event.  They put out one or two recipes for people to brew if you want to join in and be brewing the same thing as others.  This year’s big brew event I usually go to was cancelled (COVID), but I brewed from home on that day, and this is one of their recipes.

The taste is very hop forward with a hop bite, and a hint of yeast.  Finishes very cleanly, with lingering hop flavors.  Crisp and hoppy.

Brewed: 5/2/2020.  Distributed: 6/5/2020.

ABV: 6.6%,  IBU: 74

Malts: Brewer’s 2-row malt, Munich, Caramel 40L, Caramel 20L.

Hops: Columbus, Centennial, Cascade

Yeast: Wyeast 1056 American Ale


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